Thursday, 20 February 2014

Presentation box

Hermes are well known for their orange presentation boxes, and after much research and deliberation I have come to the decision that I should do something slightly different for my project. As I have chosen to print two scarves to display different elements of my collection, I have chosen to make a slightly longer box that will house both scarves, rather than the expected square. I also wanted to stray away from the simple box cover - Hermes are a traditional business that have a long history, whereas I want to reflect the fact that my designs are quirky and new, so I have designed a cover that fits that. I think the use of the layered feathers sums up the collection and the extravagant element of my brief rather well, whilst the minimal writing lets the visuals do the talking. I realise that if I was making these scarves to sell, I would also wrap the scarves in tissue, and have cards explaining the collection and a bio about myself as a designer.

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