Sunday, 9 February 2014

Photoshoot inspo

Whilst I was home for the weekend I found a great renaissance style editorial shoot in a magazine, and it perfectly reflected the style I have been trying to get across in my figures for the entire project - all plaits and wistful faces in traditional poses. It was annoying to find it this late on in the project as I feel my drawings would have had such a better theme and been more coherent if I had been influenced by this since the start. It has set me off at looking at other photographers however, and I am thinking of taking it as inspiration for my photoshoot for the end of the project. 

In particular was this shot for Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, by photographer Zhang Jingna. I love the simplicity, the use of dark space in the composition and the focus on the plaited hair. I definitely want to reflect this sort of style in my own photos. 

I also liked these more opulent backdrops in these fashion images by Nikolay Biryukov, although I don't know whether I want my photos to be quite so grand, I think I still want the main focus to be on the scarf, and I wouldn't want the print getting lost in such a complex image.

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