Saturday, 22 February 2014

Final designs

Here is my final collection of ten scarf designs. I tried to choose a diverse range that contain a variety of motifs and themes (from art deco interiors and regency striped wallpaper, to faces and abstract bird prints) but the colour theme is what brings it all together - a muted colour palette dominated by soft khaki green, pinks, greys and blues, with bright shots of yellow, hot pink and royal blue to draw in the eye. I'm so pleased with the overall look of the collection: each print works on its own and as a part of the group. To name the collection I decided to go back through my research to pick something that summed up the original brief, and finally chose to call it 'Frippery and Frills' - a name that suggests the frivolous nature of dressing up, but also encounters the idea of historical costume with the use of slightly old fashioned vocabulary. 

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