Sunday, 23 February 2014

Final presentation

As I had done a digital project, it seemed apt to do my final presentations digitally too. I displayed each of my 10 final prints as above, and I like the way it lets you see a close up of the detail in the design. As the original designs are rather bright, I created cool and grey colour ways to give the customer choice to pick a design that suits their own wardrobe. In the corner is a visualisation to show how the scarf would look knotted - I felt simplicity was best in this case. 

Below is one of my final illustrations, to show the final product. I wanted a little more variety in my visualisations, so I created the headscarf image to show a different way of wearing it (Liberty's demonstrate many ways to wear their scarves in online videos and illustrated cards). I like the effect of displaying two scarves in one image as it shows different sides of the collection - the two below are the two designs I chose to digitally print. 

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