Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Last tutorial

The last tutorial mainly consisted of discussing everyones final designs and working out what has to be handed in for the deadline. As my prints have all been designed full size (90cm x 90cm) I was unsure how to present my designs, and Alex suggested in my case that I do them professionally (as we were shown in one of the early workshops), with a section of the print to scale, an image of the entire print, colour ways and a visualisation. I'm actually really looking forward to doing the presentation bit as I think it will work very well with my work. Even though I know it isn't necessary to print my scarves, I really want to actually make something and this is the perfect project to do it on - although I am aware that to meet my high-end market I will have to finish them appropriately (hand rolled hems) and design a box to put them in.

Whilst I was explaining my final print designs, it was suggested that my work may separate into two collections - I will see as the week goes on, but I don't think I have enough strong prints to create two entire collections, plus I think they will all work within one. 

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