Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Colour mood board

So here is the board I mentioned in the last post. I tried to get across the mixture of warm, bright and softer light colours that had inspired me so much in the vintage bird pictures at the beginning of the project. I also included a few artists whose work had a similar sort of colour vibe, along side photos I have taken myself throughout the project. 

In the top left is the two images that inspired my original colour stripes - one with the brighter vintage-y shades, and the other slightly more subdued and pale, with lots of blue and grey - and below is the revised colour stripe. In the bottom righthand corner is a great Estonian Soviet postcard I found that I thought summed up my colours rather well - pink, green and blue with the pop of red. I really liked Olaf Hajek's illustration with the bright colours of the flowers offset by the pale grey face, whilst Maurizio Bongiovanni's smudged bird painting had a great combination of deep rich colours, with the paler pinks and greens. I hope that by referring to this board whilst doing my designs, I will keep a coherent colour mood through the final collection.

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