Sunday, 13 October 2013


After discussing that perhaps using the meaning of flowers in my work was a bit too literal, I have been thinking more about symbolism. When I actually looked into symbolism in old paintings I actually found some really interesting facts about what objects represented in paintings. I really like this, as I was interested in looking at hidden meanings at the very beginning of the project. Here are some of my notes on the subject:

I like the idea of combining two opposite symbols - here I used the skull (death) and a pair of birds (life after death) as I felt they went together quite well as a pair. I tried to combine 18th C and 50s drawing styles, but I'm not sure if that is entirely clear. I also tried to pair this peach (truth) and lemons (deception) in a thick paint 50s style, but I simply hate the result. It looks clunky, badly done and despite taking the colours straight from the mood boards, it just looks sickly. The only positive is I don't mind the composition, perhaps I can reuse that somewhere else.

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