Wednesday, 2 October 2013

First tutorial

I thoroughly enjoyed the first tutorial, it was so good to talk over my previous work with Alex, think out ideas and it was great to get such a positive response! I had been slightly concerned about fashion not being a separate option like it was last year, but I now feel totally reassured about the direction I'm going in, and the fact that I will still be able to do fashion alongside print.

I'm interested in looking at both the 17th, 18th century and also the 1950s, which are obviously rather opposite, but Alex said I should explore both, which I'm actually rather excited about. I'm intrigued to see which one I will end up looking at more; it's quite interesting for a change to not really know where I'm going.

I also am really interested in the 'Threads of Feeling' collection put together by The Foundling Museum.  When mothers in the 18th century left babies at the Foundling Hospital, they would leave a scrap of fabric so that if they ever came to collect the child they could prove they were the parent. It's an amazing example of the fabrics that people of various different classes at the time would have worn, and I find it so interesting how there is a story attached to every piece of fabric.

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