Friday, 25 October 2013

Photoshop workshops

This week I had two workshops about photoshop which tackled different areas. In Alex's photoshop 1, I learnt how to make a mask so that I can apply my images onto garments and also how to define a pattern. I feel rather rusty with photoshop at the moment, so it was useful to go over these steps (some of which I was taught in L4 during TD4F) and learn some new shortcuts. I have vaguely been thinking about putting my final prints onto t-shirts, so I went along with this idea for my test piece to see if I want to take the idea any further. I quite like the way the design spills out of the shirt to reveal more of the drawing.

Later on in the week I went to Rhianna's photoshop workshop, which was more of a general one for everyone on the course but I still found it useful to see how she created designs for her own work.

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