Saturday, 12 October 2013


The further down the line I am getting with my project, I have discovered that the two time periods I have been studying (which I previously thought were polar opposites) actually have a lot of similarities.  Whilst print content, style and shape are very different, the boldness of colour is very similar - in the late 18th century, plenty of new printing colours were being created so these started to come through in fabric designs, whilst in the 1950s the country was finally recovering after the war and bright colours began to creep back into design.

So I have decided to take a risk and continue using both periods alongside each other for inspiration, perhaps playing the two off each other. I really enjoyed going through loads of books in the library, settling on '1950s Fashion Print' by Marnie Fogg, and 'British Textiles: 1700 to the present'. I had a tonne of photocopies from both these books, but to make things visually easier I decided to make two massive inspiration boards, which I really think sums up each time period. 

1700s moodboard

1950s moodboard

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