Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review week

Preparing for review week has given me a really good chance to reflect on what I have done so far and made me realise that I have achieved much more than I thought I had. I had been feeling like my project was a bit all over the place as I have been using so many techniques, but grouping images helped me to see where clear collections are coming together. Being able to succinctly describe my work to a group of people who haven't seen it before was also useful as it made me concentrate on what is most important.

I decided to put together some visualisations to display my work in context for the purpose of the presentation, but I don't think they were overly successful as they just look a bit childish and don't really reflect my concept. I plan to do more research into different styles of illustrations so that I can create something that fits better with my work. 

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