Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Large scale

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to try working on a larger scale to loosen up my drawing style, so this week I bought a roll of wallpaper and some tester pots, and spread myself out on the studio floor. I carried on with the theme of repetition I have been playing with recently to force myself to paint the same thing over and over, which was very freeing as it made me focus on the medium rather that being precious about the visual. I think I will try to work on a large scale more frequently as I like that although the images look messy, once they are scaled down and put into prints they will retain their interesting texture and details. 

I used the leftover paint to create coloured sheets to collage with, in the style of Mark Hearld. I find I often limit myself to working with just watercolour paints as they are always to hand, but I have enjoyed trying out other paint techniques as I have discovered a different way to incorporate texture into my work, which will bring some much needed life into my otherwise often flat, boring imagery. 

Left: Mark Hearld collage, Right: own collage

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