Thursday, 15 January 2015

Live projects

Entering online print competitions has given me a good break from the monotony of working on my main project lately. I thoroughly enjoyed both the Front Row Society and Textile Federation projects as they were inspiring themes that came with a wealth of imagery. I found it useful practicing print-making with photographic elements as I have mainly been working on drawings in my project. As fun as it has been having a break from my usual work, it has also given me a chance to practice other styles of working, and to remind myself of where I see myself after university. 

Even though I hated doing the prints for the Lacuna Press competition, as I mentioned in a previous post, I actually won the competition and was asked if I could have my designs listed on the designed fabric section of their website. This is really exciting as not only is it the first proper step towards my design career, but it also shows that it is worth entering every competition even if it is not particularly enjoyable at the time.

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