Thursday, 15 January 2015


Left: plaster head (own image), Right: own drawing.

I have been mulling over how best to display my work in context other than just the usual standard flat illustration, as I want to differentiate myself from all the other print designers on the market. I was inspired by my digitally drawn Staffordshire dog to try recreating a mannequin head to display my scarves on, as I could then place the head among other items on a shelf to create a feedback loop within my designs. I was super pleased with the final result, partly as it looks so similar but mostly because I think it is a quirky and unusual way to show off my designs - something that will make people stop and look at my work wondering if it is real or not. 

Left: La Casita de Wendy, Right: own drawing.

I've chosen a more conventional route for my womenswear designs as I want to show that I have many qualities as an illustrator. I really liked the unexpected splash of watercolour in La Casita de Wendy's lookbook, so I tried to recreate a more toned down version with my own graphicly simple drawings. Although I like the concept, I think my designs don't stand out enough so I think these will need more development.

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