Thursday, 15 January 2015

Live Projects

The Lacuna Press 'Vegetables and Trees' competition and the Patternmash 'Prints of Persia' project are two examples of live projects I have been working on in the past few weeks where I really didn't enjoy creating the designs. I found the veg one a real challenge as it wasn't a theme I would ever pick, but it was good to push myself to prove that I can create good prints even when its hard to engage. I think it also shows my versatility as a designer as I have proved I can work to challenging deadlines.

'Prints of Persia' was difficult in a different sense, as I really thought I'd enjoy this theme but I struggled to make the motifs look how I had imagined them. I feel pushing through on these sort of short live projects has taught me a good lesson in perseverance, as I was even prouder of eventual prints I created as I had gone through such a struggle to get to that final point. I really appreciate the importance of live projects as with each one I am getting more confident with my style and use of techniques.

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