Monday, 11 May 2015

Sketchbook Project and Patternmash

Page from 'History Book' sketchbook. 

I have always really tried to push myself with my work ethic and to always take on opportunities where I see them. I have exhibited with Art House Co-op before, so I was keen to take part in this years 'The Sketchbook Project' as it is a fantastic opportunity to have my work viewed in another country. I chose the theme History Book as I felt it would fit in quite easily around my current project, but it actually made it more difficult as each time I created a piece of work for it I felt annoyed that I couldn’t then use it in my main collection and vice versa. This means I ended up doing a lot of general image collages rather the illustration that my work is known for. On one hand it means I have had the chance to show something different of my working style, but it would have been nice to have more time to spend on it to send something I’m really proud of off on its tour around America.

'DECOrate' entry for Patternmash 

Even though I’ve been really busy rushing out my sketchbook to be posted to New York, I set aside an afternoon to do the current Pattermash brief, DECOrate, as I want to make the most of building up this separate portfolio of work that I can show future employers and collaborators.I think taking on extra projects whilst working on my main collections has been good practice for if I do later decide to go freelance alongside running my own business, as this will be a very similar set up. 

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