Monday, 11 May 2015


Selection of some of my final scarf designs

Over the past few weeks I have been concentrating most of my efforts on getting the scarf collection finished. In my last project the scarves were intended to be a part of a larger fashion accessories collection, but after much deliberation I have decided that I would rather dedicate myself to one of them, creating one really strong small scarf collection rather than a poor larger accessories collection. On reflection I wasn’t very happy with the scarf designs I handed in for the last project, so this time around I have spent a lot more time thinking about layouts, how the scarves are worn and therefore what should fall in the corners, and just generally creating a varied selection of designs that reflects the concept. I have taken some of the motifs from old designs and reworked them with new ones, but continuing with luxurious colours to complement the fabric and using the trompe oliel idea to create 3D scenes. I’m glad that I have taken the time to make this collection the best I possibly can as I really want to have something exciting to take with me to New Designers in London, and hopefully it will make me stand out to judges at Texprint. 


  1. These are fabulous- do you sell them at all? Or are they only samples? Let me know if you have a 'shop' or a stockist please!

  2. Thank you for your interest! I am currently in the process of setting up an online shop - if you check out my instagram page on you can follow my progress, as it is on there that I will announce when the shop is ready!