Monday, 11 May 2015


Image from tableware shoot

I really enjoyed doing my tableware photoshoot in the last project so I have actually allotted time in this project to work on this aspect more, as I feel it will give me something a bit different to show off the variety of my work in my portfolio. I was quite heavily inspired by the lifestyle and clothing brand Toast, and tried to keep my imagery homey with natural lighting, but trying to keep the general collections and antiques theme involved by including antiques and dark wood surfaces to look like an antique shop. I think the introduction of seasonal flowers adds some interest to the imagery and helps it to fit into my chosen context.

Scarf visualisations

I have also been thinking about how to visualise my scarf collection as one of the comments made at the feedback of my last project was that the visualisations could have been stronger. Whilst most people on the course doing womenswear have booked studios and models, I want to go down a more unusual route to reflect the unusual content of my designs. In the past I have placed photographic scarves on illustrations, so this time I want to displace my designs onto photographic collages featuring mannequins and marble busts as alternative models.

This has also made me think further about what I would like to show alongside my scarves at the degree show, and I think a large composite version of these photo collages, made up to look like a curiosity shop, would be a great piece to sum up my collection and to make my work stand out at the show. 

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