Monday, 11 May 2015

Business and branding

Final logo

Throughout the project I have been thinking about where my work will go next after I have graduated, so I have taken the time to really consider my branding as I wanted to create something that I would be happy to use after university. I spent quite a long time perfecting my logo as I want it to look modern but also reflect the ornate and often historic nature of my work. I am so pleased with the final design and have already begun to order stickers that can be used as part of the branding and packaging of my scarves. I have also been doing lots of research about packing, boxes and labelling to reflect the luxuriousness of the product and make the customer feel like they are buying into something special. I rather like the idea of having swing tags or cards to go with each scarf to explain the concept and context behind each design, as each one has a story which adds to the visual interest of the scarf.  

Section of my Instagram page

The next task in branding my work will be to create a website so that I will be able to sell my products online. I have already set up an Instagram page just for my work, and this has been a great platform to get my work seen and show some of the process behind my practice, but I also want to set up an online portfolio to send to prospective employers. 

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