Monday, 11 May 2015

External Projects update

Photos from the exhibition opening

It was great to finally see all of our work up at the Tatton Park exhibition after we had all worked so hard as a group to put it together. After a lot of back and forth decisions about my piece, all the extra work I did at the beginning of the project paid off as my piece was chosen to go above the large fireplace at the centre of the room. Trying to get my motifs to fit over three wallpaper style panels and yet still make it look like one continuous piece was much more complicated than I had imagined it would be, but it was a great challenge creating something to fit the 1.6 x 1.4 metre space as I have never worked on such a large scale with paper before. Printing on the wide format printer on a large scale has made me think more about my scarves and how I may choose to engineer their layouts. I feel so proud of the work I have created and it was a great experience working with such a supportive group of people, and I would love to work on a collaborative project like this again. 

Image of the second issue of 'Rat', page featuring my work taken from a still of a video on Zach Rowlandson's instagram

A great thing I have learnt lately about collaborating with people is that if you do a favour for someone, you can often be paid back with a better one in return. After helping Zach with covers for his magazine, he approached me to be interviewed as part of his second issue of Rat magazine. This is such a great chance to get my work seen by new audiences and I am really looking forward to seeing my work in print.
Photos of the final 'Minecraft' shirt

I have also discovered that it is worth taking on projects even if they don’t seem like much in the beginning. After agreeing to take up a commission on creating a Minecraft inspired print design for a mens shirt (two areas that I am fairly unknowledgeable about) I discovered that the work I would be basing my design on was actually a minecraft version of an original 1920s painting of New York from a project called Tateworlds for the Tate Gallery. To make things more exciting my fabric was recently made up into a shirt and it was worn in Los Angeles at a talk made at the Youtube headquarters. It has been so amazing to see how one small project can itself turn into something much bigger and take me one step closer to my career in print design. 

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