Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Scarf research

I have started to think about making prints, but all attempts at Photoshop so far haven't ended very well. Now I have decided that I am sticking with scarves again this project, I decided to needed to get some inspiration for long scarf styles, to see what the National Trust already sell in their shops and what styles, colours and patterns are currently on trend in the womenswear market. 

Generally I found that most National Trust scarves varied between £15 - £35, but most were quite simple designs, with at most only a handful of colours. I think it would be nice for National Trust customers to have some more choice and variety, so I have decided I want to create a more heavily patterned scarf that fills a gap in their stock. I looked at scarves from a similar price range, in this case comparing with Accessorize, and found that they championed soft colours and predominantly floral details. For image and pattern inspiration I looked at more high end brands, and found that the more expensive a scarf was, the more likely it was digitally printed and content heavy. I particularly like Athena Procopiou's collection - even though they are square scarves, I would like to try this busy layered style in a long scarf shape.

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