Monday, 14 April 2014

Collaborative drawing workshop

After the 'speed dating' event where we pitched ourselves to the other group members to see if we wanted to collaborate, there was a few people who all said it would be really beneficial to our work to do a collaborative drawing workshop. We all brought along objects or images to draw from, and pitched in with different exercises to challenge our drawing styles. This was a great way to get to know some of the girls from 3D designs and learn from them how they like to approach the drawing stages of their projects. 

Below is the piece I ended up with, filled with several drawings based on the baroque elements from Taton. We played around with long and short drawing times, such as quick 1 minute ones varied with longer 5 minute ones. It was nice to feel encouraged to use different mediums and drawing styles, as I think it is easy to get stuck into a rut and to always start the project in the same way. I actually really liked the drawings where I had to draw with my eyes closed as I drew in a more organic flowing style rather than trying to be completely perfect and rubbing things out and reworking them. I now feel I have a really good starting point with my drawing and feel really inspired to go and get stuck in with my project.

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