Saturday, 26 April 2014

Drawings and motifs

Over the Easter holidays I have been purely concentrating on making motifs for my prints. I have been thinking a lot about this idea of doing my own take baroque patterns, so I decided to build up a stock of drawings so that when I get back after easter I can start putting them together and making collages. I decided to focus on the miscellaneous objects I found on the National Trust website, collecting together a big folder of all the ones I found most intriguing. I tried to choose a variety of items, things with a baroque feel such as the carpet beater, the cut-glass bottle and the floral toy sewing machines, and other things that are more ambiguous to intrigue the viewer, such as the slightly squashed lantern, the straw animal and the unusual lampshades. 

I began drawing with my usual detailed pen and pencil style, but I didn't feel there was anything exciting or new about it. So I decided to take a more graphic approach (shown in the collage above), using only black pen and gouache, and trying to draw as if I was creating a paper cut, in the hope that when I begin to collage with them they will look more like lace than the shaded pencil style drawings. 

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