Thursday, 13 September 2012

Research for kite

Once I had decided on the shape of my kite, I set off researching ideas for my design. The benefit of a parafoil kite is there is no frame, simply seams, so that leaves a large panel for working on. I struggled to find interesting printed kites, as most were either plain or used a design based around shape (for instance, a bird shaped kite). This led me towards designing a picture for my kite, as I didn't want to simply replicate what is already out there.

Researching into the history of kites, I found that they were frequently
flown on religious holidays, and often meant to represent rebirth.

So I chose 'rebirth' as a theme to look at, focusing on iconography and 'Madonna and child' type images. I based my drawings above on a photograph of a model in an 'Oh Comely' magazine issue, as I wanted flowing hair to draw from.

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