Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Artisits from liverpool galleries

Even though I didn't get to visit the galleries I had wanted to in Liverpool, I looked into some of the artists and their works to give me some insight to their methods and how their working practice could transfer into my own theme and artworks.

I really liked the simplicity of Dan Graham's mirroed pieces, shown above with his 2-way Mirror Bisected by Perforated Stainless Steel, being shown at the Bluecoat gallery. He wanted the piece to play with people's perception of space and what is going on around them, and I feel this reflected the feeling i had of stepping back when people watching at the train station. When you are busy you don't notice the other people around you and what they are doing, but when you stop to observe the journey's of others, especially in a big city, it is like watching a well-practiced elaborate dance.

Pamela Rosenkranz's work, 'Bow Human' (being shown at the Cunard building) intrigued me. Using a mixture of found and collected objects she represents evolutionary history, where 'objects become physical beings with bodily traces of flesh and touch'. What I liked about the pieces was the element of suggestion - all you can see is fabric, and yet you think it is draped over a curled up figure.

John Akomfrah's film 'The Unfinished Conversation', led me back to thinking about the journey of speech, and how the words we say influences the thoughts and actions of others in mundance and extreme ways everyday without us even realising.

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