Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Final 3

From the vast array of photos I selected the three that best portrayed
different ideas I wanted to get across.

I like this first image as it shows the simplicity of the kite shape and design,
yet highlights it's fluidity and grace that is only possible to see when in the air.

The second image represents the 'explore' element of the brief. As we walked along Oxford road, we were offered a free ride on this bicycle taxi. This photo of the guy on the bike holding my kite surrounded by the urban environment and architecture sums up what we saw whilst exploring the campus, and is the only image of the three that displays the front of the kite.

This third image is my favourite as I love the juxtaposition of the various apparently random objects - the tree growing next to the destruction of the crane and demolition, aptly bringing together my concept of rebirth next to the kite. I also like the hands at the bottom of the image, appearing from nowhere. 

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