Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tableware designs

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the styling for my tableware collection as photography is something I never really get the time to do. I just did the mock ups with white plates so I can displace my designs on at a later date.

As I have chosen to look at different types of collecting as inspiration for each design collection, I decided to push my concept further and look at the collections that seem to grow all on their own - all the worthless bits of matter that people seem to collect but don't want to throw away. I used photographs of objects I found in jars at home, and used just the objects from one jar or drawer in each print. I really like the soft effect of multiplying the layers of photos. These are just mock up designs as I have not the chance to thoroughly develop this collection yet, but I hope to use these as a starting point in the next project. 

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