Thursday, 7 August 2014

Degree show review - part 3

Claire Florey-Hitchcox

Although in my own work I tend to stick to digital print, I fell in love with Claire's woodblocks when I saw them in the degree show. I was astounded by the incredible amount of detail that was obtainable on  a surface as unforgiving as wood. I like to include multiple motifs in a design, so I was really interested to see how she had interwoven hundreds of objects to create one flowing pattern. I really liked how when you first look you just see overall pattern and then it is only when you look closer that you see all the objects. I really enjoyed her use of placement, as the combination of simple spots and stripes was a perfect way of framing the busy content. The reduced colour palette also helps to balance out the busy pattern. I think this could influence the way I use colour and motif placement in my own work, as I think flattening the imagery would be really effective way of varying my print designs.

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