Thursday, 7 August 2014

Degree show review - part 1

Bethaney Lauren Barrie

I really liked Bethaney's work, as you really can't beat a good floral. I loved everything about her prints, especially the way she made florals look so modern - the use of scale, bright and vivid colours and texture was spot on for me. I love the overall look of her lookbook, as the pared back and simplistic photography really shows off her prints; and the fact that the photography is her own shows that she has many talents outside of being a print designer. I thought her use of displacement was really skilled, as it really looks like the fabric has been printed, and her use of various garments and accessories shows the versatility of the prints. I like the fact that Bethaney explored so many methods, from photography to collage to animation, and I hope this will inspire me in third year to keep my mind open so that I don't feel I just have to focus on one thing. It has also really made me want to do some photography and styling this year, as it is something I have intended to do in previous projects but never achieved.

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