Thursday, 7 August 2014

Degree show review - part 2

Hollie Louise Davies

Hollie's work most definitely stood out to me as interesting and different to your average fashion print. Whereas Bethaney's prints were obviously pretty by nature (due to the use of florals) Hollie's prints seemed feminine yet bold and modern, with a real high end feel about them. I adore her use of colour, the orange, yellow and aquamarine shade of blue really stand out and draw the eye towards them, and has really inspired me to be more brave with my choice of colour in the future. I really liked the mix of prints in the collection, and it showed me how really simple prints can looked really interesting when mixed in with the more intricately detailed prints. Yet again the styling, photography and use of displacement on photoshop was especially inspiring, but what I loved the most was how Hollie had clearly really thought about the garments and how texture (such as pleats) would work with different prints. My own work is often very heavily based on motifs, whereas Hollie's interesting use of paint marks and watercolour/ink has inspired me to think more abstractly about my designs.

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