Friday, 10 October 2014

Heritage and heirlooms

I found it hard over the summer trying to come up with a project theme as I knew I would have to stick with it throughout this long project - I don't want to risk getting bored. I picked 'Heritage and Heirlooms' as I always find old objects inspiring to work from, and I have always found the past brings me lots of things to work from. Writing the first draft of my learning agreement has been an interesting task as it is quite daunting planning an entire project to last for several months: I will be intrigued to see how my work and ideas develop over the course of the project.

It was really useful creating the boards for the initial hand in after the summer, as it helped me summarise visually what I want to achieve, and I realised that I actually have a strong idea of what I want to create. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the creativity of responding to my visual research, and my first aim from the learning agreement is to play and experiment with my techniques so that I am pushing myself from the very beginning. 

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