Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Paper cuts

Looking at the lace on the archives made me think of papercuts, so I decided to do some artist research to further inspire me and to help me think of more modern and graphic ways to use this technique. As much as I love the work of Rob Ryan, I thought it would be good to look further afield and discover some artists I had never heard of before.

Elsa Mora is a multimedia artist from Los Angeles, who also does painting and illustration alongside these incredible paper cuts. I like the pretty, fairytale feel to her artwork, she almost seems to weave a story into her imagery. What really impressed me was the way she curls and shapes paper to create 3D pieces, a change from the usual flat paper cuts. The use of two contrasting colours is also really effective in making her work stand out.

I saw some of Andy Singleton's work at Manchester Art Gallery last year, and aside from his amazing use of scale (he often does enormous artworks that are several metres high or wide) I like the way that his pieces look like abstract patterns at first, and then when you look closer you realise that it is actually an image, such as his view of the London skyline above. I hope to incorporate some of his patient attention to detail in my own paper cuts.

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