Thursday, 27 March 2014


In this project I wanted to push myself out of my usual working style, and begin the project by experimenting with other ways of 'drawing' and making images, other than using my favoured pen and pencil, which turned out rather well.

Wire work - I really want to try using the idea of using wire as a continuous line drawing, which was rather fun. I saw this technique of using nail varnish to look like enamel on an online tutorial, which I think works so well. It was really difficult to do as you have to stretch the varnish over the gap to create a bubble, so I quickly learnt that it was easier to do on a small scale. Above was the most successful piece, a simplified version of some of the baroque frames I saw at Taton Park. I like how using wire over pen as a continuous line means that you can actually create a 3D object, curving the objects to reflect what I was inspired by in the architecture at Taton.

Paper cuts - Here I took some of the details from my moodboards and brought them together in this spontaneous collage-style papercut, bringing in elements where I felt they fitted best. This was such a good way of freeing myself up, as even though you have to be neat, you some times just have to go with the flow of the knife - unlike drawing, you can't rub something out if it goes wrong so you just have to work with the line you create. As painfully slow as it was to do, I was really pleased with the amount of fine detail I managed to get into it. It was also really nice when I showed it to people in the group and they thought it had been laser cut - the time I took to do it clearly payed off!

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