Monday, 24 March 2014

Misc. objects

After trawling through the extensive archives on the National Trust's website, I discovered a section called 'Household/miscellaneous objects' that was full of a bizarre mix of items. I really like the fact that among all the items you would expect to see recorded, such as sculptures and paintings, there was these often seemingly worthless objects, such as blotting paper, envelopes, buttons and other household objects. Above are some of the things I found particularly interesting, such as the object on the top right that was simply titled 'straw animal' (I am most intrigued to know what sort of animal it is supposed to be!). I like the fact that the National Trust see an importance in recording these items of little worth, as it gives an interesting insight to the people who lived at these stately homes. I would really like to find a way of presenting some of these objects within my work and showing them off in a grand way as if they were just as special as some of the Trust's more prized and priceless items. 

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