Monday, 24 March 2014


I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Taton Park, in particular visiting the house itself. I took a lot of photos throughout the day, but I decided to reduce the most inspiring ones into a selection of moodboards to give myself something to instantly refer to during my project. The first of two things that inspired me the most was the baroque interiors, which I have managed to reduce down into just the specific details (see middle image). What I like the most about these gilt frames and suchlike, is the creative combination of swirls, scrolls and flowers. They are often based on nature and organic shapes, but I think I might be interested on doing a different take on this, and perhaps incorporating my own motifs? The second thing I liked was the architectural details (see last image), from plaster ceiling roses to iron work on gates in the grounds. I like the way 3 dimensional form in itself creates shadows and line, making its own interesting patterns.

As baroque seemed to be the thing coming through during my visit, I went through the National Trust archives looking for anything under 'baroque', which brought up a lot of lace and other extravagant gold details. The way the lace has been photographed on dark background felt very graphic, and made me think of paper cuts, this may be a technique worth playing with in this project.

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