Tuesday, 21 January 2014


In this weeks tutorial we were mainly discussing how to start thinking about final designs. Alex suggested I start working within squares to help me think about layout, which I think is a good idea as I am so used to working in rectangular shapes. We also discussed considering doing colourways for my scarves - Hermes self their scarf designs in multiple colour ways, so it would definitely be a professional way to approach my work. alex suggested I could have a bright, cool and grey colourway for each design, so this is something I am going to start thinking about. 

Last week we had the colour for photoshop workshop which was incredibly useful and I found out so many shortcuts for doing things that previously had been taking me hours to do! I hope that these new skills will help to develop my photoshop work and make it look a lot more slick; especially things such as colouring in my work, as my method of solely using paintbrushes looks rather too childlike sometimes. I also found it really interesting finding out how to present designs for fashion, as it felt like another step towards making my work look more professional. 

We also had a workshop this week on using live trace in Illustrator. I did find this interesting, but I don't know how much I will end up using it - I'm so much more competent with photoshop that I don't really find myself flipping between the two programmes. I do realise however that it is really important to learn these things, as being able to use Illustrator will be useful in future jobs etc.

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