Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Birds in fashion

Some bird related fashion inspiration.

Tim Walker always wins hands down in my opinion, I have always love his work, he has a wonderful sense of style and his photographs have this wonderful ability to make you smile. I've always liked the swan image of model Erin O'Connor (top left) but I recently discovered these images of Jennifer Laurence, which have such a lovely soft quality to them.

I love the dramatic sweep of the dress and the birds in this Norman Parkinson photograph, whilst I liked the bold shape and unconventional use of feathers in this image on the right. 

Lastly are these incredibly skilled paintings by Amy Judd. I like the collaged nature of the wings here, they are out of place and yet blend seamlessly with the face to create interesting shapes. 

I want to take all these artists into consideration in my own photoshoot, definitely lots of ideas to get me started.

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