Monday, 27 January 2014


Today I was able to show everyone my first attempts at composition and they went down quite well. We discussed ways of laying out the heads, for instance putting them in a crowd, and ways of trying to push the idea further and really exploit the theme of extravagance and trying to be over the top. I think this is good as I realise that I can't use the playing card format again, I need to try and mix it up to vary the collection and make it look visually exciting. I know I've been getting carried away with the heads lately as it has been so fun, but I do want to try and get the birds back in there a bit more somehow, as they have been quite a big part of the development throughout the project. 

We also talked about my plans around the live brief side of the unit, as I have yet to do any work around this. I have decided to give myself a short time to complete the two briefs I have selected, and treat it like a mini-project, as realistically after uni I will have to learn to complete briefs quickly; and also I think it will make a good break from my current personal project. I subscribed to the Patternmash website set up by an ex-student, and had a really good chat with her about the project and how it works, so I am looking forward to playing with that and absorbing all the inspirational stuff she has been sending us. I also wanted to do a more commercial one, so I picked the Tiger print Everday Surface Pattern brief, as it will challenge me in a different way, and give me a chance to go back to pattern, as my work has been very much placement based lately. Both of these have the submission deadline, so it seems like a good idea to do them both together.

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