Monday, 30 December 2013

Thoughts about birds....

The further along I get with this project the more I have been thinking about bringing in another element to mix in with the historical costume stuff, as I'm concerned about my work just coming across as un-original copies from books. The other day I had a sudden epiphany and realised that birds of paradise would be the perfect thing to combine with the dressing up side of my project - they are extravagant, brightly coloured and extremely over the top, a perfect way to sum up my project visually. I also like how easily it will fit in with the sort of motifs I have already been looking at, a bright and vibrant contrast to the simple black and white line drawings.

I started off by going to the library, but there was more stuff on (rather plain looking) British birds than the exotic sort of thing I was looking for, but I stumbled across this book that I think could be rather inspiring. It was a book from the 70s about birds from around the world, but the thing I liked about it most was the extreme technicolour shades, all rather incorrect representations of how the birds would really look, but there was something rather fun and exciting about it. I did a ridiculous amount of photocopying, and now I'm thinking about collaging parts of the birds together with other objects to see what effect I can create.

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