Monday, 16 December 2013

Locating brief

In this project I aim to design and create a collection of digitally printed silk scarves for a high-end womenswear designer, such as Liberty or Hermes, which shall be displayed with a series of styled photographs. 

Throughout the project I intend to study the theme of 'dressing up', looking closely at the extravagances in British historical costume as a starting point. I shall begin my research by looking at historical books on costume and then bring in broader research, covering topics such as the outrageous, frivolous nature of dressing up and how it is used as a way of transforming the body. I shall develop the concept for the project during the research stages to see what I find most interesting from the theme.

In the early stages of the project I will experiment with drawing and painting to push my illustrative handwriting style. I will then move into digital print using Photoshop, as this is a process that worked well for me in the previous project; but I also wish to improve my skills on Illustrator, using it as a medium to create motifs. The final collection of scarf designs will hopefully combine both hand drawn and digitally created motifs in a coherent manner. I intend to digitally print my final designs, although I may use screen printing techniques in the development process. I shall use sampling to create the final collection of scarves, but which methods I chose should become apparent after the designing stage. I plan to do a test photoshoot earlier on in the project to help develop my styling ideas, before a final photoshoot to display the scarves in a way that appropriately reflects the theme.

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