Sunday, 24 November 2013

Final work and presentation boards

These are the final 12 prints I selected for the 'Symbols in Time' collection. I felt 12 was a nice balanced number and I think the prints I have chosen best represent my project, the theme and also a good visual range with a mix of placement and multidirectional prints.

I decided to create these two boards to help show the process of my project in an immediately visual way, as in this particular project I didn't have a sketchbook and instead worked on separate sheets. the first is my inspiration for this project, showing the artists and designers who have influenced my work, alongside the brand I have chosen to design my work for. The second shows more of a working progress of my project, to show the journey my project has come on from mood board research, to drawings to colour stripes. I feel that shown together with my final technical flats and prints it will help to sum up my project.

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