Sunday, 29 September 2013

Platt Hall Costume Gallery

From all the themes for our 'Intentions' project, 'Future-Past' was the one that immediately jumped out at me. I've always found looking at the history of fashion so interesting, so I decided I would go to 'The  Gallery of Costume' at Platt Hall to think about what period I may want to look at. I really loved looking at all the 1950s shapes, especially all the Christian Dior pieces they have in at the moment.

I really like the pattern on the blue cocktail dress above, rather than spots it is covered in irregular black splodges, I like the almost whimsical feel to it.

The other period that really stood out for me was the 1700s - 1800s, I love the dress shapes, all the ruffles and pleats and the intricately detailed embroidery. It was interesting to read about the influence of other countries on British textiles, just as the French embroidery on the jacket above and the Indian printed cottons which were often over-printed with other patterns when they arrived in England.

 I really like the use of flora and fauna with the patterns, how the detailed they are but also how they are all intricately intertwined. I think I want to look at these sort of drawing styles within my own work.

Also at the gallery were these works of art that took my fancy. I love all the texture on this dress by Susie MacMurray, it looks so soft and yet is made up of sharp pins. Perhaps I could bring this sort of texture into my own work? I also loved these urns by Grayson Perry - i like the way he creates beautiful objects that include bizarre sub-plots that you only discover when you look closer.

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