Thursday, 16 May 2013

PE Task 2 - Evaluation

This past year on the Textiles in Practice course has been all I could have expected and more. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills in the areas I love, being able to work alongside like-minded people on a daily basis and learning more about myself as a creative individual. I feel like my work has developed and improved so much, and I am thoroughly looking forward to carrying on into level 5.

In the first term I did Print, which felt like some kind of dream come true. I had always enjoyed surface pattern but I had never had full use of such extensive facilities. Whilst I enjoyed photo-screen printing, I absolutely adored the effects of using manutex with reactive dyes on an open screen, and would definitely want to push this technique further . I was totally taken with digital print, as I have never been particularly good with computers, but I feel like I took to using Illustrator with ease. I love the speed at which you can create designs and the overall quality of finish. If I chose Print as my specialism I would like to try flocking and devore as these were techniques that I didn’t get a chance to experiment with.

Digitally printed fabric samples

By the time it came to second term I was pretty adamant that Print was now my calling, but doing Textiles
Design for Fashion soon changed all that. I was amazed at how broad an area it was, I loved the freedom after the rigidity of print, and I really relished being pushed by the tutors to be so creative and to always take my work that one step further. I feel I really threw myself into the work and would have loved to have had twice as long to develop my project and take everything to the next level. I liked how large a part print has to play within it, and yet I was able to do fashion drawing, of which I liked both the digital and hand-drawn side, and photoshoots which was so exciting and experimental. If I took TD4F further I would really want to push my drawing skills, do more creative photography and focus more on trends and developing prints that are saleable.

Photoshoot with prints added on photoshop

Unit X was a refreshing change from the previous two projects, and although at times it was confusing and challenging, having such an amazing, supportive group around me made the whole experience into something incredible. I loved working with and learning from people from other specialisms, and I liked working outside the realms of textiles for once, even though my final illustrations gravitated towards a printmaking motif style.

Illustrations from Unit X collaboration based on
Manchester architecture

I’m pretty much certain at this point that I want to be a print designer for a fashion purpose after I have completed the course, but I’m unsure which specialist area will be best to help me reach my goal as I equally enjoyed both Print and TD4F. I think I need advice on which specialism would be best for me, but I feel at this point in time I could learn, expand and develop my work more through TD4F, and perhaps additionally create work in the print room as well.

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