Thursday, 18 April 2013

Northern Quarter Safari

Despite getting absolutely soaked as it decided to chuck it down as soon as we set off, I really enjoyed this tour of the northern quarter with fashion tutor Louise. It was amazing to find out all about the history of certain buildings and the area generally and it was interesting to have a good old wander around Ancoats - it made me realised how little of the Northern Quarter I have seen past Oldham and Thomas street. Below are photographs of some of the most interesting bits.

I've always followed the lomography website, so I loved seeing the Lomography wall. Covered in hundreds of film photographs, it just has this great presence due to the scale, and the images themselves have weathered really well.

I really liked these enormous panels showing interior photographs of delapidated cotton mills, an interesting play on what the northern quarter was originally built on.

I also liked the little quirks you could spot here and there, that you might just walk past unless someone stopped and pointed them out to you, such as the amazingly graphic gold sign of this boarded up pub and this lit up artwork set into the wall.

Also part of the tour was a trek up to Cheetham hill to visit a trimming wholesaler, which was textiles heaven! Could have bought so many things that I didn't actually need, but it will be an extremely useful resource for the future.

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