Monday, 29 October 2012

Inspiration - trends

Things that have been inspiring me lately,
based around the garish, ugly trend I have been looking at:

This is a great blog I found out about in 'Stella' magazine. I love the bold use of colour in everyday outfits. In this space, the Prada suit that I looked at earlier in the project, which I would view as very high fashion, is worn in an everyday outfit. It has made me think very differently about the eventual use of my designs.

'The Ugly Truth' - Style magazine

'Things are getting Fugly' - Company magazine, October

I found both these articles on this current 'fashion - ugly' trend so interesting. I'm naturally drawn to pretty, stereotypically beautiful imagery so I think it would be quite fun to look at something very opposite to my natural tastes. Some of the thought provoking quotes from the 'Style' magazine article were that 'ugliness is superior to beauty because it lasts longer' and that it can 'perversely, be attractive'.

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