Saturday, 12 January 2013

What is design?

In the dictionary, the definition of ‘design’ is largely limited to drawing, used either by the designer to plan and ‘decide upon the look and function’ of an object, or used to demonstrate to others how an object will look before it is made. The Design Council, however, have a much more open and conceptual view of what can be defined as design, and was described quite eloquently by their former chairman as ‘creativity deployed to a specific end’. I found their discussion of what design is extremely interesting; how it is seen as a process that ‘takes abstract thoughts and inspirations and makes something concrete’ and this idea that the designing and making processes are not separate, but instead design is included all the way through the process of creation. I personally agree with the statements made on the Design Council’s website, that design links together all areas of the creative process and is key to creating work. Every piece of artwork is designed to an extent, even if this is not plotted down on paper before hand. And although design encompasses all areas of my work, design in terms of drawing is very relevant in my specialism of textiles design for fashion as it forms the entire basis to the end product - through the process of designing and altering and redesigning we are brought towards a final idea which is then created into a physical object.

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